The Bridgeport, Connecticut City Most Recently Audited Budget - 2014. Making the city budget more accessible.

TRANSPARENCY BRIDGEPORT - Learn Where Your Tax Dollars Are Going...

Since the passage of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act ("DATA Act") in 2014, there has been greater interest in how federal and local governments spend taxpayers money. Bridgeport, Connecticut residents pay high property taxes. There is a need to have budget information beyond what is currently available on the city budget site. Data should be sortable, searchable, instead of merely in PDF format. There is also a statewide movement for transparency at Transparency Connecticut. Next step is municipal transparency and is a start!


Americans deserve easy access to government information. Currently some data does exist on the city website, however in disconnected documents and not in open, standardized data, published online. The PDF format, in which data is currently published, does not permit any sorting of the data. Government information should be published online in electronic formats that make it easy to search, sort and download. Too often, governments fail to publish crucial data at all – or publish such data in inconsistent or outdated electronic formats. The City of Bridgeport has published the city budget information, but only in PDF format. By opening the city government to its people, data transparency will strengthen our democracy and provide greater opportunities for economic prosperity.

Many have wondered why property taxes are so high in Bridgeport. Yet no one until now, had the budget data at their fingertips to scroll through and view. Just scroll through the data. Take a look at all the details by line item from one year to the next. Whether you are a certified public accountant, or an employee in a city department, or a city resident or not, the information should be available for all to see.

There are two pages, Revenue and Expenses. Click on Expenses or Revenue, scroll down to look at the budget line items. You can sort by the highest and lowest in any of the columns by clicking the headings to sort. The data provides the following information: a) the budget for the year 2013, b) the projected budget for the year 2014, c) the actual budget for the 2014, and d) the difference between the projected and actual budget for 2014.

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